Apr 24

Also, why the fuck do I wanna listen to sad music when I’m sad, it’s like self sabotage forced crying weirdness and it’s especially bullshit when I have to be at work

I feel like I’m drowning in a sea of tiny, unimportant failures that make me want to never try to do anything I’m even slightly unsure of.

I can’t even comprehend how most people stay afloat or would ever want to step out of their comfort zone.

Apr 23

Blugh. Fuck this week

Apr 22

In a funk, that seeing terrible, spiteful comments about work that I care greatly about isn’t helping…time to climb back under a rock :D

I once met the strangest Bard… Well, I guess the opposite of a Bard. A nega-bard. He just sat quietly and listened.

He listened to other’s stories and he listened to news from far off lands of far of conflicts. He listened to sounds around him, made by birds and beasts, big and small. The sound of plants rustling and water running.

"If he only listens and doesn’t sing, how did you make him to be a Bard?"

Well…I just asked him what he was up to. He was the only living soul for miles around when I met him, so my curiosity was piqued.

"Training, * he said simply.

When I learned he as a weaver of epic yarns, I practically begged him to tell me a story…but he refused.

"What if I get it wrong?" is all he said when I asked him why.

Apr 21

Some days you think too much about that thing you’re usually really good at ignoring, and now you can’t stop thinking about it, and it snowballs until it’s bigger than everything else.

Fuck those days.


We spent a lovely weekend in Atlantic City.

Apr 20

I kinda hate who I was in high school and that sorta feels like real progress.

Apr 19
We had lunch at the kitchiest diner ever.

We had lunch at the kitchiest diner ever.

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